by Mara Regan

5 Signs You Might Be Unattractive

With globalization and the rise of the Digital Age, the majority of the world’s population is now on social media, constantly inundated with photos of drop-dead gorgeous individuals, all of whom boast of lithe figures, glimmering teeth, and shiny hair. The use of Instagram filters and powerful photo-editing software programs have exacerbated this veneer of perfection even more, intensifying the difference between beautiful and ugly duckling.

It’s difficult to know whether you’re attractive or not, especially since people aren’t really inclined to be direct and straightforward about the physical appearance of others. More importantly, we’re often so caught up in our fast-paced lifestyles that we tend to put thoughts about our looks to the side.

But if you have inklings or suspicions that you may not be as attractive as you’d like to think you are, then here are five signs that you should look out for.

1. No unsolicited compliments
If you ever hang around with a really attractive person, you will inevitably witness them getting unsolicited comments and compliments about their appearance. When someone is undeniably hot, it becomes a topic of conversation, even from bold strangers. Very attractive people become accustomed to this and have to learn to deflect to a different subject.

If you don't find yourself receiving these sorts of comments (come-ons from randy guys don't count), it doesn't necessarily mean you're ugly, but it may mean your looks are on the average side.

2. No one trying to make eye contact
It's human nature to avoid eye contact with people you do not want to engage with. Locking eyes can be seen as an invitation to converse. So if you notice that people are regularly making eye contact with you as you pass them, there's a good sign you are attractive and appealing to them.

If you don't find that people are trying to catch your gaze as you walk by them, it may be the case that you look unappealing or intimidating to them.

3. People are more interested in your friends
Do you have people coming up to you asking to be introduced to your friend? Or do you notice that people naturally gravitate to someone else in your group when they approach?

Maybe you are attractive but simply have extremely hot friends, making it difficult to stand out next to them. Or it could be a sign you are not making a good first impression with your appearance.

4. It's tough to take a good photo
Do you have to really search through your photos of yourself to find one you like? Are you usually telling yourself "this photo has bad lighting" or "this pic is a bad angle", etc.?

Very attractive people look good in just about any photo they take, in any lighting and from any angle. If you are not photogenic, chances are your looks also don't stand out in the real world.

5. You don't like looking in the mirror
If you dread passing by a mirror or avoid looking yourself in the eye in mirrors, it means you are not confident about your appearance.

Others can subconsciously sense your low self-confidence and it leads to discomfort and avoidance.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that confidence is the single most important factor in appearing attractive to others. You must learn to embrace your appearance and love yourself before others will be influenced by your confidence.

This does not mean you can't or shouldn't try to improve your appearance - if you walk around in sweatpants with a terrible haircut and bad skin, it's going to be a lot harder to project confidence (see Why Am I Ugly) - but once you've got the basics covered, it comes down to how you feel and speak about yourself. A high sense of self-worth goes a long way toward convincing others that you are worthy and attractive.

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