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Find out whether you're beautiful or ugly by having your photos rated by human beauty judges. It's fun, 100% free, and anonymous!

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So you're wondering am I pretty or ugly?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

But if the beholder is someone you're close to - a friend, a partner, a family member - you're probably not getting a straight answer.

The opinion of someone you know may be skewed by ulterior motives, such as:

  • A desire to tell you what you want to hear
  • Competition or jealousy
  • Romantic interest
First you can check out a few signs you might be unattractive to others and the top factors that make someone look ugly to others.

If you want an unbiased opinion on how attractive you are, you have to ask someone where there's no awkward aftermath and no personal dynamics at play.

You can jump over to amiugly on Reddit and post your photo for all to see, but Reddit's a popular place and you run the risk of bumping into someone you know.

And once you've put your photo on the public web, you know it's been crawled and saved for who knows what purposes.

Instead, you can get the opinion of neutral AIU beauty judges without putting your photos all over the internet.

Think you're interested? There are a few stipulations we have before you submit your photos for evaluation.

  • You must have thick skin - Our judges don't know you and they're instructed to be honest (but respectful!). If you are prone to self-criticism, anxiety, or depression, we encourage you NOT to seek the opinion of strangers.
  • Understand that photos don't tell the whole story - The world is full of people who might be considered conventionally unattractive but due to confidence, charisma, or a wide range of other traits are still highly sought after.
  • Understand that beauty is highly subjective - Everyone has different taste. Something that one person finds repulsive could be extremely attractive to another.
Still interested? There are a few guidelines to consider so you get quality feedback on your appearance from judges:

  • Provide natural, realistic photos. If you send photos with crazy filters or makeup, the feedback you get is going to be more about that than your actual appearance.
  • Provide multiple shots. Try to cover different looks and angles in your photos. If every photo is a duck face selfie, you're not giving the judges much to work with when assessing how attractive you are.
  • Photos should just include you. So judges aren't confused, your photos should only be of you, not groups.
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